Why are polyphenols important?

Polyphenols play a crucial role in maintaining health and vitality. They positively affect our genes and may have an influence on preserving their optimum operation. The most important role of polyphenols is their antioxidative effect. Moreover, polyphenols positively affect the so-called good bacteria - probiotics in the intestines.

Owing to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effect, polyphenols contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, deceleration of aging and reduce the feeling of hunger and sugar cravings.

What are the effects of regular use of polyphenols in the diet?

Polyphenols preserve beauty, youthful appearance and freshness of the skin

Polyphenols improve your mood Polyphenols help with weight loss

Polyphenols reduce inflammations

Polyphenols help prevent type 2 diabetes

Polyphenols help with cardiovascular diseases

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